Credit Restoration FAQ’s

We have a very simple fixed fee system designed to suit the needs of our clients. We charge one upfront Administration fee per person of $330, regardless of how many listings we are investigating. Should the matter be Commercial, the Administration fee becomes $550. Upon reaching a successful result and we are able confirm the guaranteed removal of the adverse listing, we charge a removal fee of $880 per listing. Discounted packages are available for joint accounts (including guarantor matters), Pensioners and Students.
The duration of our investigation is dependent on numerous factors such as the amount of listings we are investigating, the status of the listing (paid/unpaid), the type of listing (e.g. utility default, court judgment, telecommunications default.) We do not ever provide our client’s an exact time frame however during our initial consultation we are able to give a rough estimate. The range is on average between one week and six weeks.
Our team of highly experienced Investigations Analysts have the industry knowledge, skills and determination to provide the desired outcome. Default listings and Clearout listings can only be removed from a Credit Report if we are able to prove that they were originally listed in error.
We suggest that any client considering attempting to get a listing removed from their Credit File, contact our Credit Restoration team before completing and returning our application forms. We are not able to remove all default listings nor do we claim to, we can however confirm that we have a success rate of around 90% of the matters we do take on. We do not charge anything for the initial consultation and our staff are able to answer any queries you may have regarding our policies and procedures.
A Default is listed on a Credit report for a period of five (5) years and must only be listed by a Credit Provider. If a listing is labelled ‘Serious Credit Infringement’ is it
listed on the Credit Report for seven (7) years. A Judgement is listed on a Credit Report for a period of five (5) years however they are not listed by any one entity. To obtain Judgment it must be heard in court in front of a Magistrate. The Defendant is sent a Summons to appear in court, however if the Defendant does not attend, Judgement is awarded in the Plaintiffs favour. This is referred to by the courts as Default Judgement.
We are so passionate and confident about our level of service, we provide our clients with a 100% money back guarantee for all Court Judgments. We also do not charge any administration fee for our court matters. We charge one single fee of $990 which is released back to you in the unlikely event that we are unsuccessful in removing the Court Judgment.
For default removals, we do all in our power to eliminate the risk factor for our clients and referrers. We put measures in place to ensure that we are providing the highest level of customer service and to further ensure that we are only offering our services to clients with a reasonable chance of success. We keep our fees as low as possible to facilitate the clients that are experiencing financial difficulty as a result of the adverse listing, in some cases we are able to offer the client a payment arrangement for the removal fee once we have reached a successful result.
Our main interest with the clients referred to us by a Financier is to complete our investigation quickly and upon success direct the client back to the Broker that referred them. Throughout the duration of our investigation we provide both the client and the Broker updates whenever necessary, and upon completion of the matter, both the client and the broker are contacted and forwarded an updated copy of the Credit File.